1998- “Shakespeare in Love”

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Director: John Madden

Release Date: December 3, 1998

Starring: Joseph Fiennes and Gwyneth Paltrow

Are you ready to fall in love again?

In a film about a young Shakespeare, penniless and suffering from writer’s block, he meets his muse and subsequently writes one of the greatest plays ever known..Shakespeare in Love 2

Not only is this a film about Shakespeare himself, it is also about multiple Shakespearean themes weaving together seamlessly. Catching glimpses of forbidden love, lies, deceit and deception, arranged marriages, sword fights and jealousy, this film encapsulates the beauty of Shakespeare’s genius in a way that we can all relate to. Whether we have a favorite play by Shakespeare or whether we love a single character he created, it is all shown in a bright and shiny fashion alongside some of the most well known actors we know today.

Scattered throughout the film are the words of Shakespeare, but spoken by others than himself, as well as the implication that other people gave him the ideas for his many works as he is seen taking the words he hears in passing or words directly given to him to heart.

What I love the most about this film is that not only does it portray the beauty and imagination of Shakespeare as a man, but it shows the conflicts and problems of a time in which he lived. Surpassing the original thought that having women on stage alongside men is a lewd offense, Gwyneth PaltrShakespeare in Loveow’s Lady Viola shows the world that women have the same capabilities of men and does so as a dreamer, one whose greatest wish is to be on stage. Despite the ideas thought in this time, despite the fact that the world seems cruel and taunting, this films shows that the little things in life can bring light to any dark place.

As a writer, I am a firm believer in words having the ability to change the ways of the world and Shakespeare’s words are no exception. The theater isn’t the only place for dreamers. For we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

There was a wager, I remember, as to whether a play could show the very truth and nature of love. I think you lost it today.


Verdict: 11/12


3 thoughts on “1998- “Shakespeare in Love”

    Jenkins1974 said:
    November 16, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    “As a writer, I am a firm believer in words having the ability to change the ways of the world and Shakespeare’s word is no exception” – quite right! To use an old expression, the pen (or nowadays the keyboard) is mightier than the sword. And with that might comes quite a responsibility for us writers….

      kmhands91 responded:
      November 16, 2013 at 11:45 pm

      I agree, we do have quite the responsibility. But it’s one responsiblity that I am happy to take on.

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