F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (1922)

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First off, I had no idea that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a short story, let alone a short story written by my favorite author (I should feel ashamed of myself, but I don’t). I saw the movie when it came out in 2008 and just never thought where the idea came from. I was too busy hoping that after 2 hours it would be over but I was forced to sit through another 45 mins. But that story is for another post, not this one.

Now, let’s remember that this is a short story, a story of only 20 pages to be exact. Not only do these 20 pages encapsulate a man’s entire life in reverse but it also encapsulates Fitzgerald’s brilliance as a writer. Short stories are well, short and to the point. But this short story is not only short and to the point, but it is also intriguing and moving. It shows that differences between people can seem daunting at first but they can also be overcome, if you’re just willing to accept that those differences are wrapped in greatness.

Benjamin Button strives to achieve everything in his life that all other people strive for. Whether that be a successful job, falling in love, marriage and children, going to college, or just enjoying your life. Benjamin does all of these things and more despite the fact that he is aging in reverse.

Although he proves people wrong by achieving all of his aspirations, Fitzgerald shows the readers that there will always be skeptics in every situation. But standing beside the skeptics are those who believe that everyone is special and will always see them as capable of greatness, in spite of what others say. That is what I love most about this story. It shows both sides of the coin while also showing that no matter how you grow up, there will always be obstacles to overcome and you just have to have the drive and the determination to achieve them.

Verdict: 11/12

What obstacles have you had to overcome in your life?

How do you handle the skeptics and those that try to put you down?

What are your feelings towards Benjamin? Do we admire him or pity him?


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