2006- “The Departed”

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Director: Martin Scorsese

Release Date: October 6, 2006

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson

Every time I watch a movie with Leo in it, I think “is this his time? Is this the role? Will he finally win that Oscar?” and then, of course, I’m sorely disappointed when he doesn’t. The Departed is another film in which I had these exact thoughts and was again disappointed.

But besides the Best Actor oversight, this movie is one of my favorites. I watched it for the first time a few years ago and immediately bought it afterwards (and have watched it multiple times since). Now, I’m in no way a fan of violence but there is a good amount of violence that I can manage to tolerate. (I mean I watch The Walking Dead for crying out loud). But yes, this movie is pretty violent and Jack Nicholson is once again the creepiest person on earth. The Departed

Gist of The Departed: “An undercover state cop who has infiltrated an Irish gang and a mole in the police force working for the same mob race to track down and identify each other before being exposed to the enemy, after both sides realize their outfit has a rat”

So as you can probably guess, any mob movie and any movie with Jack Nicholson is bound to go sideways. And go sideways it does. This movie is flooded with blood, betrayal and lies. The characters are constantly in flux and struggle to come to terms with who they can really trust. It’s so much more than a blood bath. It’s a masterpiece of well-crafted acting and is bursting with energy from beginning to end. I simply love this movie and the brilliant actors and plot twists will have you cringing by the end credits.

Verdict: 11/12


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