1995- “Braveheart”

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Director: Mel Gibson

Release Date: May 24, 1995

Starring: Mel Gibson

They may take our lives, but they may never take our freedom!

In short, this film isn’t just about a free Scotland. It’s not about being free from oppressive English rule. It’s a story, to put it simply, about the one thing we all want, each and every day. It’s about having the ability to live and die as we choose and on our own terms. Mel Gibson’s William Wallace chooses to die on his feet instead of living on his knees.

I know you can [fight]. But it is our wits that make us men.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered less aversion to war films. I always used to think they were only about spilling bloBraveheartod and taking lives. But through the years I’ve come to realize that all war films about about something more than blood shed. They are not about brute strength and the ability to kill. They are about fighting for something bigger than ourselves. They about believing in something so strongly that you are willing to die defending that belief.

This films shows the audience the one thing that I had always known about this world and the one thing that I will always choose to believe in. It shows me how the world works. How the world has always worked. There will always be those who strive for power through the means of oppression and force. Those who believe that standing on top of others is the only way to show the world who is in charge. But there will always be those who strike back with the sheer force of will. Those who refuse to be ruled or controlled by anything other than their own heart and soul.

If we win, we will have something that no one has ever had before. A country of our own.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It’s one of the few Mel Gibson movies that I have seen in its entirety. But even with my lack of experience with his films, Gibson always makes an impression on me. I am impressed by his courage as a director and by his valor as an actor. This film is, in short, magnificent.

Verdict: 11/12


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