1997- “Titanic”

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Director: James Cameron

Release Date: December 19th, 1997

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet

The first thought that comes to my mind during Award Season is “will this finally be Leo’s year?” and since this award season has a very strong likelihood that our Leo will finally get that golden trophy of a naked man to put on his mantle piece, a second thought always follows the first and that is “why was Leo snubbed for a best actor nomination for Titanic?”

17 years after the fact and I finally understand why. And although Leo probably drowned all over again in those icy pacific waters when he found out he wasn’t even nominated, may not actually be such an outrageous oversight (from one of the many award shows that values actors more than the actual stories being told) as I originally thought. However, all eleven of the Oscar’s that this film won, none of them were actually won by people in the film. I find this to be, in the grand scheme of things, absolutely fantastic. titanic

Titanic is, in fact, a film based off history. The story between Jack and Rose is just there to make us forget for a moment the tragedy that took place where hundreds upon hundreds of people lost their lives. Yes, Kate Winslet was young and beautiful and portrayed Rose, the rich girl who doesn’t want to live the life that has been shoved down her throat, in a way that makes us want to believe that not all rich people are snobs. And yes, Leo portrayed the poor boy who ran into bit of luck and found himself on a grand ship with the grandest people in the world, and he still kept his wits about him and didn’t pretend to be anyone but himself. Yes, those characters were a delight to watch and they make you root for them until that very last bone chilling scene with Rose lying on that door as Jack slowly dies in front of her. That was all beautiful and perfect but that’s not what got this film 11 Oscars, including Best Picture.

This film won all of those awards for the way this tragic piece of history was portrayed. That being said, we are reminded even more that this event took place and that we should never forget it. The film is about the people who were lost that day. It shows that even those who live the life of luxury cannot escape fate and they cannot escape the world. Bad things happen everyday and we must be reminded of that in order to appreciate the good things. We remember the intense love shared between Jack and Rose and at the exact same time we remember the fate of Titanic’s maiden voyage.

James Cameron made it so both of these major plot points intersect with each other but masterfully never overshadowed each other. With that being said, it doesn’t really matter that Leo wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for that role or that Kate didn’t win. They added to the beauty of the film, but they weren’t the only things that made it beautiful.

However, I’m a person who gives into these awards shows despite their many flaws and I will always root for Mr. DiCaprio. Like Jack Dawson, I know Leo is just bidding his time until that lucky draw comes along and that statue is his, and like Rose, I will never let go of the hope that Leo finally gets to get up on that stage and make a speech before the music so rudely interrupts him. Maybe they’ll even play “My Heart Will Go On” as a send off.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

Verdict: 12/12


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