Review of Divergent (2014)

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First off, I am a huge fan of the Divergent series and was very excited to hear that it was making it’s way to the big screen. Second off, I was one of those fans who, when casting was announced for the film, thought that Theo James was too old to beDivergent Poster playing an 18 year old Dauntless leader. I was also one of those people who immediately shouted: “Hey! that’s Mr. Pamook from Downton Abbey!” Both of those things being said, I was very impressed by this film.

Shailene Woodley is a phenomenal actress and I can see her career as huge and bright. I always know that I’m in for a good time whenever I see her on screen. Her, in contrast to Theo James, whose natural chemistry exploded off screen, did exceptional justice to the unforgettable characters of Tris and Four. I was very impressed by how the broken down world of Chicago was brought to the big screen and how well the story was played out. Although there were some crucial scenes taken out that I would have liked to see, it didn’t take away from the general story.

I thought the casting was great and the film did very well with what it was given. But most of all, I thought the film stayed true to book and that’s all a fan could ask for.

Verdict: 1o/12



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