Shakespeare at 450: His Top Ten Adaptations on Film

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William Shakepeare turns 450 this year.

Like his transcending work, he will always be remembered. We are constantly taught to, if not completely understand, then at least, appreciate his plays in school and we widely imagine Kenneth Branagh in any Shakepearean drama adapted on screen. But Branagh isn’t the only one to bring these plays to life and isn’t the only director/actor to try and put a new spin on these classic tales of life, love and in most cases murder. Here’s to remembering this great man whether it be on the page or on screen.

I raise a glass to you William. For even in death, you continue to change our lives, one word at a time.

Here is my own review of the film Shakespeare in Love (1998)

One Room With A View


Shakespeare. It’s the most famous name in the English language, ringing proudly out across the British Isles. From his first works on stage around the 1590s to Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing in 2012, Shakespeare has been at the heart of literary culture for more than four hundred years, and his influence has spread around the world. In celebration of his 450th birthday this week, it’s time to look at his impact not just on the written word but on the world of cinema, as we count down the top ten best Shakespeares on film.


10. The Tempest (2010)
Let’s get something straight: Julie Taymor’s take on The Tempest isn’t a particularly good one. Despite her amazing cast – Ben Whishaw and Alfred Molina among them – Taymor’s film is slow and confused, with an overload of special effects that can’t hide its choppy pace and tone. What it…

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