A Year with “Best Picture”

Since film is another huge passion of mine, I will also spend a year watching and/or rewatching the films named “Best Picture” between the year I was born (1991), until now.

Since these films have been named “Best Picture”, they will stand to be around for years to come and in their own right, are and will become, Classics to future generations.

November 2013:

  1. 1991- Silence of the Lambs- Director Jonathon Demme
  2. 1998- Shakespeare in Love– Director John Madden
  3. 2010- The King’s Speech– Director Tom Hooper
  4. 2006- The Departed– Director Martin Scorsese

December 2013:

  1. 2011- The Artist– Director Michel Hazanavicius
  2. 1995- Braveheart– Director Mel Gibson

February 2014:

  1. 1997- Titanic– Director James Cameron
  2. 2005- Crash– Director Paul Haggis

March 2014:

  1. 2013- 12 Years a Slave– Director Steve McQueen

April 2014:

  1. 2003- The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King– Director Peter Jackson




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